D Coin Trade - A Realization of One Single Point of Entry Routing to Multiple Recipient Addresses

Aiming at satisfying the utilization requirements and needs of the mass society with multi-currency and transaction issues, D COIN TRADE has now integrated its service to solve such issues. With one single point of entry, our customers can now route their funds to multiple recipients, setting their accounts according to preferences, such as exchanging into USD upon each deposits. We also support immediate withdrawals and transfers. Funding issue will not be an issue any longer with using our service.

Customer Information Security Resolution Through Big Data Protection

Customer rights protection is the fundamental principle running in D COIN TRADE. Through utilizing Big Data resolution, D COIN TRADE integrates hierarchical security level protections into our wallets, preventing any invasions and third party monitoring of your funds from the source, building up a double barrier to protect your funds and information.

One on One Professional Customer Enquiry Services

In order to provide users of all ages with more professional, detailed and complete services, D COIN TRADE digital currency wallet has also set up a professional customer service team of close to 100 representatives to provide immediately guidance and solutions for any queries encountered during the process of using our coin wallet. D COIN TRADE digital wallet hopes that all our customers can enjoy better user and the highest level of fund security.

Lowest Service Charges in the Industry, Unlimited Daily Withdrawals

D COIN TRADE understands the importance of liquidity for both individual parties as well as for enterprises. Platforms of the same type now operating in the market often set restrictions on daily withdrawal limits to minimize own operational pressures, which in turn transfers such pressures onto their users. In response to this, D COIN TRADE digital currency wallet has set-up in-depth cooperation relations with banks, currency exchange platforms and the majority of financial institutions, ensuring all our customers will be able to make unlimited daily withdrawals with a service charge for as low as 1%.

D Coin Trade is currently one of the most efficient currency exchanges running in the industry.

We started initially in the United States financial markets, not only do we have strong capital strength, but we also have good connections with the American officials. With our global networks and risk-adverse ability, D COIN TRADE promises direct and low exchange rates with minimum service charges.

D COIN TRADE Accounts' Security is 100% Guaranteed

D COIN TRADE is running its strategy worldwide, supports various currencies and multiple recipients from one single account. To overcome the limitations of traditional digital currency exchanges done across countries and regions, we have radiated our network worldwide through technology evolutions and branching ourselves in different countries, setting United States as the centre. Providing solutions for our users for transaction and payment efficiency issues as well as enabling them to have their digital currencies exchanged into US dollars upon deposit.

D COIN TRADE is the Best Solution for the Future Development of Your Business

Capital is the heart of an enterprise!
Capital is most crucial for the future development of an enterprise!
Having a good trading method, a high-quality trading platform, is utmost important for an enterprise!
D COIN TRADE digital currency wallet, one-stop service provider for quick and efficent global settlements.
D COIN TRADE can provide our customers with solutions regarding transaction and payment efficiency issues as well as enabling them to have their digital currencies exchanged into US dollars upon deposit.
Quick and easy way to resolve all of your problems and brings your enterprise to a better future development!