Digital Currency Transaction Solutions

D Coin Trade aims at providing our users with convenience and efficiency while performing transactions. We can offer you with methods of transacting to multiple accounts, in different currencies, should it be digital currency or USDT, and with the function of setting specific preferences for each recipient account. D Coin Trade can save you time and money with supporting immediate transactions, as we understand time is money.

Customer Information Security Solution Through Big Data Protection

Customer rights protection is the fundamental principle running in D Coin Trade. Through Big Data, D Coin Trade implements multiple layers of encryption, shielding your funds and information from being invaded or monitored, protecting your accounts and transactions starting at the very beginning.

One on One Professional Customer Enquiry Services

In order to provide users of all ages with more professional, detailed and complete services, D Coin Trade has also set up a professional customer service team with close to 100 representatives to provide immediately guidance and solutions for any queries encountered during the process of using our services. D Coin Trade hopes that all our customers can enjoy better user experience and the highest level of fund security.

Competitive Rates, Unlimited Daily Withdrawals

D Coin Trade understands the importance of liquidity for both individual parties as well as for enterprises. Platforms of the same type now operating in the market often set restrictions on daily transactional limits to minimize own operational pressures, which in turn shifts such pressures onto their users. In response to this, D Coin Trade has set-up in-depth cooperation relations with banks, currency exchange platforms and the majority of financial institutions, ensuring all our customers will be able to make unlimited daily withdrawals with a service charge for as low as 1%.

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Capital liquidity being the utmost important factor for a business to grow, D Coin Trade has our mind set to enhance your business competitiveness with the products and services we provide.
D Coin Trade, strives to be the best in the industry!
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