Our story

The old transaction journey was complex. It wasn’t built for agile, global business. We’ve changed that. We make payments seamless – but we also make them so much more. Using our expertise, we empower you to unlock more value in every transaction. So you can do what you do even better.

Our end-to-end platform helps you move faster, instead of holding you back. With flexible tools, granular data and deep insights, it’s the payments tech that unleashes your potential. So you can innovate, adapt to your markets, create outstanding customer experiences, and make smart decisions faster.

Since 2012 we’ve grown to be a team covering ten international offices, supporting thousands of businesses around the world. We’re proud to partner with everyone from startups to global superbrands, processing payments in over 150 currencies. And we’re just getting started. By cutting through complexity, we’re empowering businesses to challenge the status quo, create unlimited opportunities –– and change the world. The future is connected finance.